Creating Visual Interest With Lighting

As any good home stager knows, lighting can be everything when it comes to creating a warm and inviting home. Whether it’s natural lighting bringing life and freshness into a room or dim lighting with dramatic shadows, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to creating the right mood for you.


Light Filtering


One of my personal favorite ways to light a room is through the filtering of sunlight. If you have lots of big windows, putting sheer draperies in whites or neutrals on them will create a warm, comforting glow that you’ll never want to leave. Using colored sheers, such as blues or pinks, can cause the whole room to change color. The intensity of the color will change as the sun and clouds move throughout the day. For a child’s room, use multiple shades of sheers to get an almost color-changing effect throughout the day.


“Lighting” Your Home More Expensive


If you’re looking to update your home, don’t underestimate the power of recessed lighting. Not only will it make your home look more extravagant, but it will appear larger. By having bits of light coming from multiple areas of the ceiling, versus the one light fixture in the center of the room, you light the room to it’s full potential, this is especially effective in the kitchen and bathroom. With all the shiny surfaces to reflect the extra light, your sinks and counter tops will practically sparkle. In the picture above, they have also added lighting underneath their top cabinets.


Beauty In Shadows


If you’re more of a night owl or prefer to be in a darker setting, then this is where the light fixture comes in to play. There are so many interesting and creative pieces out there right now that add amazing drama to a room at night by their manipulation of light and shadows. While there aren’t many rooms that are meant to be dark, in the right moment and the right setting, there can be something great about a dimly lit room with amazing shadows.