Sophisticated Party Ideas — 4th Of July

It’s summer again… which means that it’s also time to start planning your Fourth of July weekend get-together!

If you’re looking to up your party decorating game this year and go beyond the traditional balloons and American flags, we are here to help inspire some new ideas!


Use Little, Yet Sufficient Touches

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Sometimes life gets in the way, so it’s understandable that not everyone has the time and energy to completely deck out their dwelling in red, white and blue… so don’t be so hard on yourself! Just a little could be all you need. They are primary colors, after all, so they stand out either way. If you’re having a party on a smaller budget or don’t have a lot of space, a few holiday-themed throw pillows, white flowers and color-coordinated plates or napkins could bring just the right amount of theme… and the bonus is that it’s less to clean up and box up later!


Take A New Approach


If you have a personal goal to be different this year and not follow the crowd, try simply thinking of it as a party (that’s color scheme is red, white and blue), rather than focusing on the fact that it’s for the Fourth of July. Focusing too heavily on a theme can sometimes narrow creativity and/or cause it to look a bit overdone. The coca cola bottles with the sparklers are a nice unique touch that still encompasses the American feel while giving us the hint of fireworks that we crave. The cake in the center of the above picture is the perfect visual metaphor with the flag hidden inside. The theme is there, yet not in your face.


Include Your Own Style


If you prefer to take the more traditional route, but still want your party to stand out, put a twist on tradition in a way that’s very YOU. In the picture above, for example, it’s pretty clear that the hosts’ personal style is beachy/coastal. They used details such as serving fries in individual buckets and a tiny beach chair as a napkin holder while still incorporating stars and stripes.


Make It a Family Event


If you have kids, then you know that all they want to do is see fireworks.. and, you know, sometimes there can be nothing better than quality time with your family, especially when your children are still very young. Try bringing a mini party to-go, picnic style, and simply go watch fireworks! Pack some sandwiches, snacks, sodas (maybe a bit of wine for yourself) and sparklers. Lay down some color coordinated blankets and pillows and enjoy the evening. Who knows, it could become your new family tradition. Don’t forget to bring bug spray!