How To Get Creative With Upholstery

Our furniture — we love it. It helps us represent our style and personality, but sometimes we want to change things up a bit. It’s always easy to change the wall color, buy a new rug or even some throw pillows to freshen up a room… but then there’s you’re furniture. It always stays the same, and sometimes it can actually hold you back from achieving the look you’re striving for. It’s the missing piece to the design puzzle and you don’t want to just throw it out and buy new furniture every time you want to change the style of a room. We say, just have it reupholstered! You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference a change of fabric(s) can make.



Let’s say you have this leather chair that you love, or maybe you found it at a garage sale for a steal, and it has a few rips or scratches in it (cats anyone?).  The damage may not be bad enough to decide to get rid of it, but you shouldn’t have to live with it either, right? Try this!

This chair has a leather front, but the sides and back are covered with a woven fabric in an earthy southwestern design. It’s rustic, stylish and completely unique.



Maybe you’ve put together a color palate plan, and while looking for fabrics you find a few that have all of the colors that you’re looking for, but you can’t choose between them. The answer could be as simple as just using them both (or all)! If you found them in a fabric book, there’s a good chance that they were designed to be coordinated anyway, so why not make the fabric designer proud and use them creatively to their full potential?

The way the fabric was put on the sofa (pictured above) works because the horizontal stripes run along the length of the arms and base of the sofa, while the diamond shape centers it.



Looking for a new way to put art on display? The enlarged pop art on the backs of these chairs are really fun and original. The matching fabric on the seats brings them all together while the embellished trim gives it a more polished appearance. They would look great lined up along a wall or peeking out over the edges of a table. Which “character” would you choose to sit with?



Of course, there are many simpler ways to get the most out of your furniture as well. For example, you could just add a different colored trim or buttons that coordinate with other colors in the room.  Also, there’s always upholstery tacks!  While using tacks can significantly change the look of your furniture on it’s own, you could try using them to create a design, as shown below, rather than tacking with straight lines. The possibilities are endless!

tacked dresser