Trending — Mixing Things Up In 2016

This year is all about mixing things up in home design! Sure, coordinating pieces always looks beautiful and organized, but this year, the look of smartly mixed and matched elements displays levels of admirable personality and creativity. If you’re thinking about doing some updates this year, here’s a list of some major trends coming into play.

Mixed Kitchen Cabinets

Can’t decide whether to do something modern or classic? Try putting them both together to get the best of both worlds! You could also try mixing colors or, for a simpler approach, just use an accent color.



Outdoor Fabrics — Indoors

Don’t worry, not all outdoor fabric looks and feels like it’s meant for a pool deck! While this is mostly for convenience in maintenance, it makes a lot of sense to us! This is something that we frequently recommend to clients who are specifically looking for having furniture that is easy to clean, so it’s the perfect solution for homes with kids and pets. Another bonus: if you enjoy letting in lots of sunlight into your home, outdoor fabric will be able to withstand the harshness of the sun’s UV rays, which could otherwise potentially damage your regular indoor fabrics.


Mixed Elements

It seems that often you will find that homes or rooms have a heavy focus on either wood or metal. Lately there has been a lot of blending the two together, as well as using different types of metals in one setting. It’s a beautiful way to find a balance, helping a room to not feel too cold or too industrial, or just have too much of one thing.



Bringing In Plants

Having house plants has a whole new meaning this year. Especially in homes with lots of windows, it’s been very popular to bring more plants inside to almost create an outdoor space, while having the comfort (and air conditioning) of the inside. Not only do plants create a more earthy look in your home, but many types can actually clean your indoor air, thus, making your home feel cleaner! The photo below shows the perfect example of how to seamlessly make your indoor and outdoor spaces feel like one.