Wallpaper as Art

Ready for something adventurous on your walls? Try wallpaper with a kick. We love to see the trend of using wallpaper in creative ways to act as art within the space. The image above takes a beautiful peacock pattern and creates a dramatic space that is amplified by the simplicity of the furniture, ensuring that there isn’t too much going on. There’s no need for wall art with this wallpaper.


Crimson Lotus by Walnut Wallpaper

If you love the look of artistic wallpaper, check out Walnut Wallpaper to get inspired. With the help of a designer at Beginning to End Interiors, we can develop a whole room around your chosen paper for a space that has continuity and grace. We love this Crimson Lotus paper by Walnut Wallpaper and so many of their other selections as well.

One of our favorite ways to use wallpaper is in the powder room. This contemporary powder room makes use of a beautiful geometric pattern to add modernity and boldness to the bathroom. We love the monochromatic color palette, and the sleekness of the whole look.

Afraid to go all in with your paper? Try a foyer first. Create a small vignette with some paisley paper and a collection of your favorite objects for an adventurous space without all the commitment.