Summer Bouquets!

Summertime means green and flowers everywhere!

Here are our picks for beautiful summer bouquets from the garden and beyond.

Raiding the Garden

This season we are seeing loads of vegetables find their way to the table as a centerpiece. Whether a bouquet or strewn around a candle, veggies give a fresh look that’s hard to beat. We love seeing so many colors! Enjoy the bounty of Mother Earth with a vegetable gathering that will make anyone hungry.

Simple Pleasures

For a simple look, try using an old bucket as a base for freshly picked flowers from the yard. This hand-picked bouquet gives us a sense of the nostalgia from childhood and decorates the space with a little country charm. The color combination is inviting but not overly bold and we feel drawn to the quaint porch of a beckoning summer.

Fun with Singles

Not feeling a big bouquet? Try some singles! Create a work of art by bringing together several bottles to create one look. By individualizing the flowers, we get more of a sense of their total being, including the stem and leaves. We love this as a fun alternative to the traditional summer flower bouquet.

Creative Bases

We love the look of this creative base with lemons! Use a glass vase and cut up some lemons to make your flowers pop against all that yellow. This definitely reminds us of delicious summer lemonade on a lazy summer Sunday.

Make it Mossy

Not feeling the flowers? Why not make it mossy?? This centerpiece of stones topped with moss makes for a fresh twist on a table topper. We love seeing all the green and love the white candles topping this table.