Time to Work: Best of Masculine Home Offices


Who says you can’t work in style? These masculine home offices bring drama and high function to the business world, while bringing new meaning to the phrase “housework.” Here are our picks for gorgeous home offices for the man who’s got it all.

This beautiful home office brings the magic of myth with an Egyptian Sphinx lamp and a classical sculpture of men in battle. The gorgeously sensual chair with sun detail also adds much visual interest to the room. With artwork throughout, the owner of the office is never short on inspiration, making this office a favorite of ours for “most creativity-inducing.”


This masculine office wins out for most “visual interest.” With sleek built-in bookshelves carrying loads of colorful books, the contrast created by the calming, grayscale ocean image is astounding. Bravo, designers, bravo. The multi-armed lamp adds much needed height to the desk-space, and compliments the simplicity of the desk beautifully. We also can’t get over the gorgeous patterned floor covering, adding more of an artistic feel to the space. The black palette adds that uber-masculine feel and a silky feel we are enamoured with.

Who says men can’t love flowers? We love this room of all neutrals and a bouquet that pops. The ottomans serve as a sculptural interest in the room, while the zebra rug adds the wow-factor. We love all the different seating options here, and can imagine it’s a great room for meeting clients, even from home. This office wins for most soothing and inviting.

Here’s our pick for “Industrial Charm.” Black is back and we can’t get over the multi-tiered desk that pops against all of the darkness. We love all of the industrial exposure, as well as the no-frills flooring, and the window is perfect for adding light and much needed contrast. The flat book placement is something we keep seeing at the markets, and something we can’t live without anymore. Golden accents add an artsy feel to this ultra-manly space, giving us the balance we crave.

Welcome to the office den! This cozy space surrounded by trees lends itself well to contemplation and client visits. The animal decor is not for the faint of art, but definitely gives that den vibe. The comfortable couch offers relaxation to anyone who visits, and enough space for a few, with the chair on the side. We love the luxurious look of the built-in bookshelves and matching long, dark, window treatments. Our pick for coziest masculine office around.