Go Bold!



From High Point Market to HGTV, bold colors are coming up roses as the BIG trend of 2015. We show how to use these powerful colors effectively without blasting out a room.

Low Lighting 

We’ve noticed that when deep hues are used, the lighting is always low. This helps maintain the depth of the color, and softens the intensity. Natural light is another great way to soften the boldness of the colors, while still keeping their magic. Avoid using fluorescent lighting or any other harsh lighting when working with a bold paint palette.

Try One Wall

Not ready to take the plunge into a bucket of deep paint? Try one wall or create a vignette first. Here we see a beautiful deep maroon wallpaper take center stage in the space, without overpowering the whole room. Balanced perfectly by a pair of chairs, there is enough other visual interest in the room that the reds take their rightful place, as an accent. For those still intimidated by this season’s addiction to the deep, dark side, this room offers ample illustration on color done right.

Horchow Blue by http://www.LJacobsendesign.com

Lighten Up with Artwork

If you just can’t get enough of the deep blues of 2015, but can’t imagine living in such a dark colored space, artwork may be the perfect solution. This set of mirrored pieces add lightness and shine, and create incredible contrast when paired with the dark blue walls. The large white windows also help to lighten up the space, but the artwork is what really makes this place pop. Colorful furniture also helps to create a beautiful haven of bold color in the space.