Creative Coffee Table Decor

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Nothing centers a living room like gorgeous coffee table design! Here are a few of our picks for creative coffee tables and well-placed accessories. We hope you find endless inspiration for your own home!

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This two-tiered round coffee table brings a bright freshness to the space. The circular shape of the table is novel, while the color adds a clean feel. We are especially fond of the pop of color provided by the flowers, and the square tray adds nice visual interest as a contrast to the circular table. Coffee table books are always a staple, and the gold orb adds even more geometry to this table design! We love all of the shapes in this coffee table space.

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While the table itself is a little more minimalistic, the accessories pick up the slack! The big, beautiful trio of sculptural pieces makes this living room shine! Large books help balance the table, and the muted nature of the books corresponds well with the shinier art pieces on the table. The sculptural pieces work so well with the rug and add great dimension to the space. What a wonderful coffee table for a fabulous, neutral room!

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Bring the outside in with this beautiful fireside coffee table! The fire really sets the tone for this space and creates a warm and inviting home. By adding elements of the earth to the table, like a bowl of pinecones and a nest of eggs, this coffee table creates a real sense of natural beauty. The wicker tray adds more earthiness, and the books help balance out the corner. The table itself resembles a piece of reused or recycled wood, adding a humble quaintness to the space.

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This Miami home brings in elements of art deco with a fabulously original coffee table set-up! The art on the wall is mirrored by the art on the table, creating wonderful continuity and so much fun. The two sculptural people on the table add even more personality, as does a book of Henri Matisse’s art, really showcasing the style and interests of the home owner. Another two tiered table, this design allows for more objects to be included and gives great dimension to the space!