Swimming Pools!

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Go on, it’s warm enough….take a dip!

With the weather heating up here in Florida, we gathered some of our favorite swimming pool designs to prepare for another Hot Hot Hot Summer!

Here’s a few of our picks for a well-designed swimming pool paradise:

With a crazy multitude of features, this pool takes the cake for the most elaborate set up. There’s actually a firepit in the middle of a swimming pool! With waterfalls and caves, as well as plants from all parts of the world, this pool wins out for ostentation.

Feeling sleepy? With this pool, you can take a nap at a moment’s notice! This pool wins out for the craziest set-up, as we’re not sure we’d like to have any vivid dreams in the middle of this space. Not for the faint of heart, this pool surrounded bedroom is a one-of-a-kind.

Here’s our pick for an indoor pool set-up, complete with a fish tank, a waterfall, and a built-in wide screen TV. The amazing waterfall is our favorite part of the pool, which adds so many gorgeous natural elements to the space, and creates an ambiance you can feel. The waterfall bathes the rocks with beauty and creates a look that’s hard to forget.

For a waterfall with a different feel, here’s an overflowing pool that creates a gorgeous visual. The design of the pool is a bit more minimalist, allowing the waterfall to truly pop.

Definitely not a pool, but we couldn’t leave this one out! This natural light “rain” shower is so sublime! With the many plants and the bathtub, this room leaves us feeling a serious oasis vibe.

Thanks for journeying through our pools!