Total Transformations: Media Room

What to do with a tiny space and slanted walls, you ask? Create a perfectly posh media room, complete with a monochomatic palette and fun pops of color to add a little wow-factor.
Check out the latest from B2End and prepare to be impressed!

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A high-class den with exceptional comfort offers contemporary aesthetics and

outstanding customization solutions! This small space with angular walls presented

welcome challenges for innovative and creative designers….

09875 011 Beginning To End Interiors 10-28-2014

Brilliant window treatments and a monochromatic palette with bright orange accent pieces create

the wow-factor necessary to please sophisticated, stylish clients.

09875 013 Beginning To End Interiors 10-28-2014

Designers created the desired wow-factor by adding powerful, orange accents

to an otherwise monochromatic palette. The clients sought a contemporary look

that lends itself to simplicity, to allow orange accents to really pop.


Working with a small space, designers were sure not to over accessorize or clutter the space.

Geometric shapes and sculptural-inspired pieces help create this room into a

work of art.


To achieve a high degree of comfort, a chaise with a headrest was added, as

well as a motorized recliner. Designers chose a motorized recliner that didn’t look

like a recliner, to keep with the contemporary feel of the space. To achieve that

“movie theater feel,” blackout shades and draperies were added to create

ambience for movie night.


To make the room pet-friendly, designers selected all leather furniture for its

cleaning ease. The tile floor also lends itself well to pets!