Interview with the Artist: Lannie Cunningham of Trinka 5


Trnka 5 piece, featured in the B2End Showroom


Today’s Interview with the Artist comes to us from Los Angeles, California, featuring the eclectic work of Trinka 5, now available at the Beginning to End Interiors showroom!

Before jumping straight into the interview, here’s a little intro about the aesthetic from the Trinka 5 website:

“Trinka 5 was founded in 2004 by Lannie Cunningham and Jazmine Giovanni, and employs a unique aesthetic that has taken inspiration from the markets of Europe and a well-traveled way of life. The design team is particularly fond of the poetic coupling of very old relics with new ultra-sleek, contemporary touches. Acquiescing to the disparate feel of European cities where the antiquated meets the modern age side by side, the elemental aspiration of this boutique company is to evoke a beautiful juxtaposition and create the spoils of a gypset life.  In utilizing an anthology of motley specimens, artifacts, relics, natural elements and worldly treasures, Trinka 5 joins the avant garde and the unusual with classic elegance, creating the perfect adornment to any chamber or sacred space.  Each piece of the Trinka 5 Collection is exquisitely hand crafted at their Los Angeles design studio.”


B2End: How did you get started in the home decor business?

Trinka5: Well, I was actually a jewelry designer for 25 years. All of my jewelry was inspired by artifacts and magical pieces, and then I started making larger jewelry pieces, very massive ethnic pieces, and at one point the pieces became too large to wear at all. They became so large, I had to start hanging them on the wall and they became ornamental wall pieces as opposed to wearable art. 

T5: It quickly became avantgarde jewelry for your home.

B2End: You and your daughter are a dynamic duo for the line, right? 

Trinka5: Yes, Jazmine who is a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles, heads up the manufacturing and public relations end of the operation. Her contributions to the design aspect of Trinka5 is vital to the magic of company.

Ram Skull

B2End: How do you stay inspired?

T5: We stay inspired by everything in life, nature, plants, animals, the love of art, the love of music, all of life is inspiring. We’re a great lover and collector of antiques, antique bottles, antique Mercury, and then of course we start doing skulls and the bones, seashells, anything that catches our eye. 


Shell Piece, featured in the B2End showroom!


B2End:  You talk a lot about the “Gypsy Way of Life.” Will you speak to that? 

T5: I’ve been a collector of antique fabulosity for 45 years, it may take the form of clothing, it make take the form of antique jewelry it may take the form of tabletop accessories, and through it all, it really is The “Gypsy Way of Life” that we try to embody in our work. Bascially, just absolute freedom of one’s spirit, to be able to travel, create and dream is the epitome of the way to live life.

B2End: Speaking of travel and adventure, what’s the last great adventure you’ve been on?

T5: Well, I drive across the country at least three times a year, Santa Fe, Boulder, New York City, Los Angeles, I manage to find enchanted places in every one of those destinations. I just keep an eye out for wherever the road takes me.


Featured in the B2End Showroom!


B2End: Does Trinka 5 have a signature piece?

T5: We try to make every piece as unique and outlandish as possible; we don’t limit our creativity to one genre. Every piece needs to have that wow-factor, so I guess our signature is that every piece is outlandish and over-the-top.

B2End: Ultimately, what do you hope people take away from your work? 

T5: Ultimately, I hope our work stimulates our customers to create something on their own. To view life differently, to create a gypsy life of their own.

To purchase your own outlandish piece, visit the B2End showroom today!