Five Spring Design Trends of 2015!

1. Continue GOING GREEN. Stay eco-friendly!   As consciousness continues to increase around ideas of “Going Green,” more and more people are putting their money where their mouth is and purchasing home goods aligned with their higher ideals. Choose toxic-free paint and eco-friendly furniture, or update pieces you already have for a great new look founded on existing resources.   natural-scene (2)2. Look to Nature.  You guessed it – Nature is a HUGE theme this year and not only are eco-friendly pieces trending, we’re also seeing a huge trend of bringing the outside in. Do this by choosing pieces of art that showcase natural beauty, or by including houseplants in your decor plan. They offer an added bonus of cleaning the air! Also look to coastlines, mountains and beaches to play off of the hot colors of this season.  
3. Create Contrast. “Natural and Neutral” may be the most sought after scenes this year, but don’t be afraid to create a little contrast. As seen above, we’ve got a good dose of the neutrals, but still have plenty of personality, and the gorgeous royal blue really takes the room to another level. I just love this room! It’s a perfect play on the spring season – neutral foundation, natural light, metallic accents and deep sea blue for contrast. So much inspiration!
4. Mix, Mix, Mix! There is a real trend this year to create contrast between the old and the new. As we move further into the new year, we are creating with the influence of the past and hope for the future. Above is another beautiful example of we’ve got to look forward to in 2015. We see elements from the natural environment as well as a gorgeous collection of old and new, true to this season’s color palette.
5. Don’t Forget the Romance!  A romantic chandelier can bring so much class to a neutral space. Here again we see this season’s elements….a touch of nature with the flowers, plenty of natural light, neutral palette with accents for contrast, and a beautiful chandelier adds that touch of romance. Well done indeed!