Interview with the Artist: Sasha Howard



Need a little mood lighting to help ring in the feelings of Fall? Here’s one of our favorite sculptors bringing a touch of natural mystery to your home….Enjoy this interview with artist and light-maker extraordinaire, Sasha Howard! 


Today we bring you an interview with the beautifully talented Sasha Howard, a soft-spoken sculptor of tremendous talent. Her light sculptures are inspired by nature, and possess a unique elegance all their own. We are so happy to have her work on display at the B2End showroom!

Prayers for Peace by Sasha Howard

Universal Prayers for Peace by Sasha Howard

B2End: How did you get started with making your unique line of sculptures?

Sasha: To be honest, the sculptures have always been a true healing tool for me. In 2006, my mother was in a near fatal car accident and I spent months watching her on life support, literally fighting for her life. It was a time of such tremendous darkness for me. I realized then, that I needed to flood my life with light.  I began creating the current form of the illuminaries, and as they took shape, they were more beautiful and peaceful than I could have ever imagined.  I discovered that using rope lights provided another level of depth to the sculptures, and hanging them on the wall created a very unique form of art that I had never seen before.

During that time in the hospital with my mom, I truly experienced the impermanence of life. I wondered why I was hesitating to share my art with the world!! It was then I started entering art shows and displaying and selling my work.  The response was so encouraging that I knew I had found a good thing.
B2End: Wow. What a powerful story about the ephemeral, precious nature of life.
Sasha: Definitely. Life is so short – I knew I needed to just go for it!

B2End: What inspires the shapes and the visceral quality of your work?

Sasha: I am endlessly inspired by nature. Having lived in the mountains for several years, the wood elements of my sculptures are definitely an homage to my love of the forest and the mountains. The shapes of the illuminaries are inspired by the sea and its horizon. I have several sculptures where the wood represents the horizon and the light creates the image of the sun.

Sunset Over the Gulf

                                     Sunset Over the Gulf, by Sasha Howard

Sunset on the Water, by Sasha Howard

Sunset on the Water, by Sasha Howard

B2End: How did you meet Alan and Stan of B2End? 

I met Alan and Stan several years ago at an Interior Design Society (IDS) meeting.  I had shown my work to another interior designer and she was so impressed that she invited me to the IDS meeting and asked me to bring along my portfolio.  Alan and Stan loved the photos and approached me with the idea of putting some sculptures in their new showroom which would be opening about 6 months later.
When the showroom was ready, I got a call from Alan and Stan to bring in some sculptures.  They looked through the collection and picked out their favorites.  I think they put together a beautiful display on their wall.  They have a unique design perspective and I am grateful to be part of that.  It is an honor when people so talented recognize and appreciate the beauty in my creations.
One of Sasha's sculptures for sale at the B2End Interiors showroom!

One of Sasha’s sculptures for sale at the B2End Interiors showroom!

B2End: What is your favorite part about working within the context of interior design?
Sasha: When I lived in Colorado, I showcased my work at Cancer Centers, Chiropractors’ offices, and many other places of healing, so that is really sacred to me, especially considering my story on how I got started making lights. I really enjoy working with Alan and Stan because I respect them as designers, and because we have collaborated on awesome projects! I created a series of lights for a B2End client, and my sculptures serve as the primary lighting for her bedroom. The lights are on a dimmer switch so she can set the mood however she pleases! I love creating art for a client that will open her heart and move her everytime she walks into the room.
B2End: And what can we expect from you next, Sasha?

Sasha: Well, I returned to Colorado this summer for vacation, and there was no shortage of inspiration! I was especially moved by agate slices, which I see as a new element to incorporate into my work. I tend to be drawn to transparent things, and the layering of things, so I’m excited to see where this new added medium might take me….!


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