Party on the Pass: Five Reasons to Support Trinity Charities

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Proceeds from our 4th annual Party on the Pass celebration (click here for more info!) will benefit Trinity Charities and the Education Foundation of Sarasota County.

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Here are five great reasons to support the incredible work of Trinity Charities! 


1. Support Groups. Trinity Charities, Inc. (TCI) provides support, education, intervention, and prevention services with a focus on those affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS. A variety of support groups are conducted throughout the year as needed. Participants are able to discuss difficult disease-related and social issues in a safe and supportive group setting. Groups are conducted by peer or professional facilitators, as appropriate, who are also available by phone for one-on-one support as needed to assist in times of crisis.



2. Food Programs and Emergency Funds. Programs include the Thelma and Boyce Bostion Food Pantry providing clients in both Manatee and Sarasota counties with healthy food choices, the Betty Schonewald emergency fund to prevent homelessness by assisting people experiencing temporary financial situations, and a monthly Healthy PWA (Persons With AIDS) program providing education and nutritional supplement subsidies.



3. Pet Support Programs.Recognizing that pets provide mental and physical therapeutic value as well as emotional support, this program helps PWAs care for their pets by providing pet food and supplies at no cost. TCI believes in the power of our peers and is partnering with Fairy Tail Endings to expand our Pet Support programs.



4. Wellness Programs. Through our partner relationships with Manatee County Rural Health Services and Comprehensive Care Center, TCI is working to provide a variety of wellness programs to address substance abuse, recovery, smoking cessation, nutrition and health, and domestic violence.



5. Transportation Funding. In 2014 TCI added a pilot program that provides flexible funding to address temporary transportation requirements and help clients remain independent.


Attend the 2014 Party on the Pass event and support the great work of Trinity Charities!