New Sculpture Series: Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand Sculptures from John Richard Accessories


From the days of our ancestors’ prehistoric cave paintings to today’s fine art prints, animal symbols have always graced the walls and halls of humanity’s interior environments. Today we bring you a new sculpture series, incorporating marble, nickel, birds and the human hand….a series from John Richard called “Bird in Hand.” 

A set of three individual twig sculptures in aged polished nickel with a bird perched near the top, each branch is held in a hand finished in deeper bronze tones, and is mounted on a white marble base. Each sculpture is incredibly unique.




In the home decor industry, the John Richard culture has become somewhat of an icon in tasteful, classic home design, and we are so pleased to offer this sculpture series in our showroom!

Drop by the B2End Interiors showroom today to pick up your own “Bird in Hand” set!