Infamous Ombre Thrives in Home Decor


While the ombre hair trend may be long gone, designers, event planners and brides everywhere are still crazy about ombre…taking the trend to decor. When done right, ombre can be tasteful, beautiful and even elegant.

Vase by Miyashita Zenji, from The Metropolitan Museum of Art


In French, ombre means shaded or shadow, but in decorative arts it refers to a graduated color scheme that moves from light to dark. It’s not a new concept – it’s one that nature perfected. But historically, it refers to a method of dyeing fabric. The first recorded use of the word as a dying technique was in 1841, but “ombre” didn’t even enter the Oxford English Dictionary until 2005.

Ombre is huge in this year’s wedding stylebooks, with everything from dresses, flowers and cakes taking on the gradient effect.

When used in home decor though, ombre is often used as an accent, whether through artwork, vases, decorative pillows, or custom draperies.

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