Interview with the Artist: Mark Burdette



Artist Mark Burdette is crazy about paint – spray paint, acrylic paint, anything with color. From an old salvaged window to a beat-up surfboard, he’s been known to put paint on just about anything. These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find him without the stuff all over his hands. In fact, his favorite way to paint is the good old-fashioned kindergarten way…with his fingers.



“I just love feeling the paint. The whole process is very intuitive for me, I usually have no idea where the painting is going when I begin. It’s very much a practice of “letting go.” I love to just let go and watch the painting paint itself,” says Mark.



Mark’s paintings are characterized by brilliant bright colors, and lots of ocean imagery. He is particularly fond of waves, a common theme from childhood.

“I grew up in St. Augustine and I literally surfed every day,” says Mark. “I think I took it for granted a little bit. When I moved to Bradenton, I felt really landlocked, and that’s when I just started going crazy with the Wave Art. I just loved painting waves as a way to reestablish that connection with the ocean.”

“The ocean is huge, and my paintings are huge. I love painting on a large scale, because you really get that ‘wow’ factor from a big painting,” he says.

His finished paintings are definitely a sight to behold, yet his process attracts just as many admirers as the final product. Mark is well known in the Sarasota art scene for his live painting events, often done with musical accompaniment.

“I love painting live! It is so exciting! There is something about completing a work in a finite amount of time that really makes you push yourself. You know the audience is watching you paint, and it makes the whole process so exhilarating. The music really influences the work, too. I’m a musician, so I have a great appreciation for the talent of the guitar players, and the drummers, it’s always just such a great experience.”


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“The experience of painting at home is just as enjoyable as painting live, but totally different. I’m really a mad scientist at home, using everything from spray paint to stencils, to oils. I hardly ever use a brush. I just pop in a CD and get my hands dirty.”

With musical tastes as diverse as everything from Bob Marley to Ani DiFranco, Mark is a true Renaissance Man, finding inspiration in every direction. His newest venture is with…who else? Beginning to End Interiors! 

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“It was so awesome meeting Alan and Stan!” said Mark. “I am really excited about working with them. Their work is really high-end, and when they approached me about featuring my work in their showroom, I knew I needed to create a piece that would really ‘wow’ them. It is always so incredible to see your work featured somewhere, and I’m really glad we crossed paths – I can’t wait to see where it takes me!”

Mark’s enthusiasm for his art and his passion for life is evident in every one of his pieces, several of which are now available for purchase at the B2End Showroom. Stop by the B2End Showroom today and experience Mark’s art in person!



Hear Mark talk more about his work here, courtesy of This Week in Sarasota:

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