Natural Inspiration: The Horse


In the world of design, humans have long honored the horse as a motif representing power, grace and incredible strength. According to the Chinese calendar, this year we ushered in “The Year of the Horse,” celebrating the energy of this magnificent creature and its incredible beauty.


It seems the design world is celebrating the horse this year as well. Currently in the last stages of construction after nearly 7 years of development, “The Kelpies” statues are a pair of gargantuan horse heads by large scale installation sculptor Andy Scott. The sculptures are almost 100 feet high and are meant as a monument to the horse-powered heritage of Scotland.

The sculptures were modeled on two actual Clydesdales from Glasgow City and were constructed from structural steel with a stainless steel cladding, creating structures that visitors will soon be able to stand inside of! The Kelpies are scheduled to welcome visitors in April 2014.

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