Flowing to the Sea


Organic and ethereal, Sasha Howard’s light sculptures are truly original. Sasha incorporates beautiful pieces of wood and handcrafts the exterior of each sculpture using rope lights and a paper-mache type process, for true ambient lighting. We featured Sasha’s work and an interview with her about her process back in November of last year, and we are so delighted that she is back with us on the blog to tell us about her latest project: a large-scale installation commissioned by one of our B2End clients!


B2End: Welcome back Sasha! We are so excited to hear about your recent installation…

Sasha Howard: Thank You! It all started in the B2End showroom, actually! Some of my illuminary sculptures were featured in the showroom, and one of Alan and Stan’s clients really liked them. After the interview about my work was published here, the client contacted me about creating some original pieces!

B2E: Glad to hear we helped get some of your work out there! The sculptures are so unique. Did the client have a particular vision or theme for the original pieces? 

SH: Very much so. The clients own a home up north, but I made the lights for their condo overlooking Sarasota Bay…which is definitely their “beach house.” My illuminaries accommodate the beach motif perfectly. I spoke with them about their vision for the lighting, what textures and kinds of wood they like, and most importantly, what types of shapes (spirals, circles, etc.) inspire them.



SH: When they gave me a tour of the condo, the theme came quite naturally: we call it “Flowing to the Sea.” The installation begins by welcoming visitors in the front door with a direct view of the first light, then flowing through the condo and seeing the next light in the dining room, then looking to the living area to see the third light, and the fourth light is in the corner of the house next to the view of the water.

B2E: Do you have a favorite piece of the four you made? 

SH: A really interesting part of their condo is a mural that is painted down the hallway depicting a seashore with waves.  The wall for the light is across from that mural. The light juxtaposed with the mural (see photo below) look really magical together.


B2E: Beautiful! The sculptures have an “other-worldly” quality to them, there is something about them that really emotes peace and tranquility.

SH: Thank you – that means a lot to me. I spend a lot of time with the sculptures and put a lot of myself into them. I always try to build time into the schedule so that the illuminary can stay in my house for at least a few days so that I can sit with it and make sure it is perfect, pouring a lot of love into it in the process!  Finally, when everything is just right, I get to deliver my beloved creation to the client and enjoy the admiring looks on their faces.

B2E: Is that “moment of unveiling” your favorite part of the process?

SH: That is definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole process, seeing the client love the illuminary as much as I do. I very much enjoy the process of getting to know the clients. These clients in particular were welcoming and friendly and I often ended up staying to chat with them long after our official business was over.  They were a real joy to work with.  But I also love creating, of course!  I know it is a good sign when I am totally in love with the final sculpture…It means even more to me when I see that the clients share these feelings when they see their light sculptures.

B2E: Well thank you Sasha! It is always inspiring to hear about your process and how much you enjoy creating these one-of-a-kind works of art! 

SH: Thank you to B2End for supporting me!  I really believe in the work I do and I think the illuminary light sculptures add so much interest to a room.  Any room can have standard lighting but the illuminaries are not only decorative, they are also functional while setting a mood of peace and relaxation.  After all, I believe the world can use more light!

See more of Sasha’s work at http://www.illuminarysculpture.com