Creating a Cohesive Space

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Have you fallen in love with a fabric?? Why not use it for decorative pillows and draperies? B2End designers show how to create a cohesive space with the help of custom soft treatments. 

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While some clients rely totally on B2End’s expertise in designing the room from the ground up, others approach B2End with a crystal clear vision. “This client knew exactly what she wanted,” said designer Alan Gravley, “She knew her color scheme, she had fabric in hand…we just helped her pull the whole room together, to make it an inviting space.” 

The client came to Beginning to End Interiors because of their commitment to craftsmanship. In this bedroom redesign, B2End created custom draperies and decorative pillows to give this basic bedroom a high-end feel.

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Create Continuity with Custom Soft Treatments from B2End!