Exterior Renovation Proves Essential After Total Interior Remodel

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After B2End finished the first phase of a total interior renovation, the clients couldn’t help but envision the a new similar look and style for the exterior of their winter home.

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“We made so many updates to the interior of the home, it only made sense to give the exterior that same style and sophistication.”

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The interior renovation included an updated color palette, incorporation of many natural materials to highlight the home’s beautiful location, and the removal of outdated design applications. B2End designers kept all of this in mind while renovating the home’s exterior, which included pavers to increase curb appeal, modern lighting fixtures and an updated color palette, customized stacked stone elements, and a completely new landscape design.

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The landscape design succeeded in providing a welcoming tranquility to the front of the house. The garden also highlights many of the sculptures collected by the clients while in Africa.

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