Custom Bedding and Upholstery from B2End!



Find a fabric you love, and let it shine! One of our latest bedroom transformations made use of a beautiful fabric for both bedding and benches, giving the room a cohesive, polished look.






Creating Continuity

“Our client had a lot of design experience, and actually had this fabric when she met with us to develop the room design,” said designer Alan Gravley. “It is such a high quality fabric, and so multi-purpose, you could upholster a whole sofa with it!” Alan and the client came up with the idea for the the matching fabric on the bedspread and benches together, and reupholstered the benches, stripping them of their original fabric.





“One of my favorite things about the benches is the cord we used as an accent. It is the same cord used on the bottom of the bedspread, tying the whole room together,” said Alan.





Total Team Effort

The room itself was a whole staff effort! Designers Alan and Stan met with the client to put the room together, using her fabric as the guiding element for color and pattern. Sewing expert Cat put together the bedspread, while Michele, our veteran upholsterer worked on the benches. Check out more of our custom upholstery work at the B2End showroom!