Advantages of Home Automation

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The Advantages of Automation

With so many windows, how can you maintain optimal lighting in different rooms all at once?

With home automation and motorized window treatments, you decide when your shades rise or open, depending on each room’s exposure to the sun! This allows you to increase energy efficiency, control the temperature of your space and protect your furnishings from direct sunlight.

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B2End co-owner Alan Gravley said, “Our client was unaware of motorization when we began the renovation, and when she discovered the new technology, she was excited to add it to her home! As you can see in the photo, the dining room is exposed to more light, so we work with the client to make sure each window is programmed based on when the sun hits that specific room. This was especially important in the dining room, because it gets the southwest sun all day long, where the considerations in the living room were much different. Home automation allows you to customize your settings for each individual room!”

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Control Your Draperies with the Click of a Button! 

Time-programmed motorized window treatments give you more than just the advantages of customized automation, they also allow you to preserve your beautiful Florida views. Plus, you’ve always got a remote control handy to open and close your draperies or shades at your every whim!