Love Your Living Room!

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Check out another total renovation from Beginning to End Interiors! By removing a heavy planter, replacing flooring and working with existing pieces from the homeowner’s collection, this living room went from drab to delightful.

A Little Living Room Love

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Give your living room a little love with some quality flooring. We replaced the carpet in this room to give it that earthy feel and create continuity between the living room, the dining room and the large kitchen area. With an open floor plan like this, the overall design concept really has to include innovative ways of creating continuity. We do that by choosing a great flooring throughout, a key design style (earthy tones in this case), and consistent color patterns throughout the house.

Give New Life to Your Old Pieces!

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Here at B2End, we always strive to bring new, fresh design to any space. That doesn’t have to mean getting rid of the pieces you know and love! We are always happy to incorporate your special pieces into a total renovation, and we especially enjoy finding ways for your old pieces to really shine!

The bar below the beautiful painting on the opposite wall in the photo above, was a little cramped in its former home, the dining room. We decided to give it its own little area in the new living room! It really shines! The homeowners recently hosted a party for 80 people, migrating in and out of the new custom treated sliding glass doors seen on the far left, and everyone enjoyed the space. The serving table was a great place for people to pick up a yummy dessert and get to know someone new!

B2End Homeowners Support Local Sarasota Art 

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The painting above the serving table is by a former Ringling student, and showcases the homeowners’ commitment to supporting the local art scene of Sarasota, Florida. We are so happy to work with such interesting and wonderful clients!

Enjoy Your Space!

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If you make your home a welcoming space, you’ll enjoy being there!

Come visit us at the B2End showroom to start your own home transformation!