Beautiful Pool Bathroom Upgrade!

Talk about a total update!

With this pool bathroom, we wanted to again take it out of the 90s and bring it into the present!


The clients stated early on that they wanted an earthy color scheme, to compliment the beautiful lot their home sits on. “Everywhere you look out the windows, you see tree and foliage,” said B2End owner Alan Gravley, “it makes a unique experience.”

So, we stuck to neutral tones overall, and added pink flowers for that B2End signature pop of color, and a few light blue accents, using a color called Silver Mist, as a nod to this pool bathroom.

Play up the Pool with an Elegant Shell Motif!


In addition to the light blue accent colors seen in the rug and towels, we wanted something else to add to that water feel…shells! The use of the shell hardware seen on the cabinets is a twist on the traditional Florida pool bath novelty, done in a simpler, most tasteful way. We also created some visual interest by positioning some of the knobs on a horizontal justification and the others on a vertical one.

Make it Modern! 


To give this pool bathroom a modern twist, we  changed the shape of the sink to oval and added updated faucet hardware.

We also practiced some “recycle, re-use” creativity by making use of some existing materials that might not have worked as successfully in its old location. By using a mirror that was originally hung in the dining room, we saved money on buying new glass! With a custom framing, this mirror gets a second life hanging over the sink in the new pool bath!

It’s all in the details…


We can’t get over how beautiful this natural fiber wallpaper is! This particular shade uses grass cloth, and B2End owner Alan Gravley says, “We are such big fans of this wallpaper because they use the finest materials!”

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