Bathroom Transformations by B2End!

Did you ever think sprucing up a bathroom could change the entire feel of a home? The team at B2End is here to show you how with amazing transformations to several bathrooms and even a laundry room – complete with a wine fridge!

Check out our first bathroom transformation…here we take a typical bathroom stuck in the ’90s and give it an earthy feel with a totally modern twist!

Hall Bathroom



As you saw in the before photo, everything was very dated, from the late-90s wallpaper to the very bland white and peach details throughout.
Though the first change was a huge one, with this one move, you can complete change the look of a bathroom…updating the cabinetry! To stick with our client’s desire for an earthy theme, we chose a wood cabinet, with a light colored stain.
We gave this wood look a modern twist with a leather finish granite top, a contemporary styled faucet, newly centered sink, and an elongated mirror above the countertop.
This is the first of three total bathroom transformations throughout the home, and we chose a line of all-natural fiber wallpapers for all three of them. This similarity of material helps establish earthy tones throughout the house, creating a sense of continuity between rooms.
This first wallpaper has a basket-weave effect, creating beautiful texture on the walls.

Accent Colors Create Visual Interest 

As you can see from the overall “after” shot of the bathroom, we used signature B2End green and orange as accent colors for the room. This bathroom is the closest to the kitchen, and we used the same green present in the kitchen to let the rooms flow right into each other.
To add a little bit of vibrance, we chose an orange accent called “Spiced Cider” just enough for a delightful pop of color!


Changing out light fixtures is an easy way to modernize a room – choose simple, sleek shapes to bring any bathroom up-to-date!